22 March 2017


-Ziss EZ Breeder-

The most professional Aquarium Separating/Breeding Boxes

The Ziss EZ Breeders are the professoinal fish & shrimp fry separating / breeding boxes.

The integrated water supplement designs give high oxygen concentration and real 2.4L volume gives sufficient space for the almost all fish fries.

The unique elegance and clear design gives attractive view of watching also.


– Integrated water supplement design

– Hang on by 6-step adjustable hanger

– Attach by individual mount

– Safe Room by plastic bottom guide (GL-1, BL-1, BL-3)

– Adjustable bottom distance

– Easy to use

​- Durable Stainless Steel Mesh Screen (SUS304, Made in Korea)

– High Quality Material

Model Information


Complete presentation of Ziss Aqua breedingboxes.

Even though all the breedingboxes look a like they are significant different.

Pleas find below the specific breeding boxes.

  • BL-1 has a stainless steel mesh bottom.
  • BL-2 has two stainless steel mesh sides and a acrylic bottom. Perfect for small pleco’s.
  • BL-3 has one stainless steel mesh bottom  and two stainless steel mesh sides. This provides a maximum oxiden waterflow.
  • GL-1 is specially made for live-bearing fish. The GL-1 has one steelers steel mesh bottom.

** The number behind the two letters stands for the amount of stainless steel mesh in the breedingbox.


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